Data logging functionality provides complete traceability on HMI’s

02 January 2013

Mitsubishi Electric GOT1000 series HMIs are now able to offer enhanced data logging capabilities, enabling data to be logged from remotely connected devices such as PLCs, inverters, servos and temperature controllers.

This development enables a reduction in the load on the PLC helping to improve machine performance and ensuring complete traceability of production for safe and secure operation.

The HMI’s built-in RAM can store up to 2,000 data points, and logged data can be viewed either in a historical trend graph or in a historical data display list. In addition, the HMIs provide options for USB ports and a CF/SD card slot, enabling data to be easy archived to, or transferred via, USB memory sticks or CF/SD cards.

As well as logging data, the HMIs can also transmit data from connected devices to a higher level SQL database server located on a PC via the optional MES interface function. The MES interface function provides direct communication between the HMI and the SQL database, removing the need for an intermediate layer of PC hardware.

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