Simplifying the creation of digital power supplies

02 November 2012

Visual Solutions Incorporated (VSI) has announced the availability of VisSim/Digital Power Designer, a new block set for simulation and auto code generation of digital power supplies.

Available from Adept Scientific, VisSim/Digital Power Designer enables the rapid creation of models of complete power systems with a selection of digital control schemes, analogue power stages and loads. Building on the existing Embedded Controls Developer platform, VisSim/Digital Power Designer generates embedded C-code to realise the firmware for the control of Texas Instruments MCUs.

VisSim/Digital Power Designer provides:

* Controllers (Multi-phase VMC, Peak CMC, Average CMC, Hysteretic CMC, PFC, PSFB, Zero-transition CMC)
* Filters (1st order, 2nd order, Moving Average, Moving Median)
* Measurements (Apparent Power, Crest Factor, Reactive Power, RMS, THD, etc)
* Utility functions (Event counter, soft-start, window detector)
* Converters (Buck, Boost, Buck-boost, Sepic, Cuk, Zeta, Full-bridge, Half-bridge, Push-pull, Flyback, Forward, Rectifiers and Bridgeless PFC)
* Configurable analogue power stage with user selectable resistance, capacitor bank and inductance
* Sensors (AC current transformer, isolated current Hall-effect, isolated voltage, resistive current sense, resistive divider (voltage sense)
* Loads (Constant-current, Constant-power, Load profiles, Inductive, nonlinear glitching, LED strings, Parallel connector)
* Compensators (PI, PID (traditional), PID (2p2z), Types I, II and III, 3p3z)
* Supports TI Piccolo, Delfino, Concerto and MSP430 targets with CCS V4&V5.

Visual Solutions aims to help companies bring innovative and complex products to market as quickly and efficiently as possible. Peter Darnell, Visual Solutions CEO for the company said: “The new Digital Power Designer, coupled with our deep support for TI on-chip peripherals, makes it easier than ever for engineers to design complete embedded digital power solutions.”

A free trail download is available from: 

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