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Termination to IEC61439-2 standards

16 October 2012

Rittal has announced that, following extensive testing, its modular Ri4Power system now complies with the latest IEC 61439-2 standards.

The termination of cables to switchgear and meeting the form 4b requirement of IEC 61439-2 enables installation engineers to reduce time and costs on site. Rittal’s RPE software is available for customers to build Ri4Power to the IEC 61439-2 standard.

Motor control centres and electrical distribution switchboards conforming to Form 4b require that cables should be terminated to outgoing devices in their own individual enclosures and should be segregated from the functional unit. In Ri4Power outgoing cables are terminated in a form 4b terminal box, which can be easily fitted, allowing for easy access for the installation engineer.

Designed for both the electrical distribution and motor centre market Ri4Power incorporates Rittal’s TS 8 enclosure technology which is said to enables the utilisation of standard components. Using the Maxi PLS busbar arrangement the connection to air circuit breakers of multiple cables per phase can be easily achieved. Sliding fixing nuts, located in the Maxi PLS, provides full flexibility when terminating incoming cables.

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