Decentralised materials handling field device controller

16 October 2012

SEW Eurodrive has launched a new decentralised field device drive controller which combines complex functionality with ease of use.

The new Movifit FDC adds to the company’s range of decentralised drive solutions and is said to enable the construction of more modular and flexible materials handling systems. It is available with preconfigured application solutions for all types of materials handling technology, or in an IEC 61131-programmable version for customer-specific solutions.

Together with the Movigear mechatronic drive system and the copmany’s Single Line Network Installation (SNI) technology, easy to install energy saving drive solutions are now available for a range of applications.

Standardised function modules can be controlled via Profinet or Ethernet/IP and allow for easy diagnostics and maintenance.

Movifit FDC’s application software runs on the controller, and data sets for the drives are also saved here. Engineering access to the device is achieved using USB or Industrial Ethernet. For system control, the unit has interfaces for all fieldbuses and Ethernet protocols Profinet IO, Modbus TCP and Ethernet/IP. The individual drive axes are connected to the controller via a system bus.

The SNI technology is said to offer the advantage that, instead of a 400V supply system and communication bus, only one cable is needed, which is used to daisychain all the drives. Communication is modulated onto the power cable, which reduces time and effort and cost required for cabling and start-up.

This bus also provides good diagnostic options. The CAN-based SBus system bus can be used for especially dynamic applications. It combines the controller with the Movigear SBus mechatronic drives and this provides short reaction times and access to complex technology functions, for example an electronic cam. Up to ten participants can be connected to the SNI, and more via the SBus. In all, Movifit FDC can control a total of 16 drives.

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