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Meeting the needs of hygienic applications

16 October 2012

PVL now offers a complete range of products that meet the requirements of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. These products are characterised by a hygienic design for effective cleaning and sterilisation, with stainless steel construction and the use of FDA compliant materials.

A GTL pressure probe
A GTL pressure probe

All products in the range are sealed to IP67/69K, and are suitable for use in CIP/SIP installations.

The range is built around marketing leading products from Greissinger Electronic, Honsberg, Martens Electronic and Imtron, all under the umbrella of GHM Messtechnik. A comprehensive brochure details the range, but let’s look at some of the highlights.


A MFI flowmeter
A MFI flowmeter

The HFK35-FIN is a calorimetric flowmeter. There are no moving parts within the flow, suiting it to use in hygiene sensitive applications, as well as with aggressive media. It an provide continuous measurement even of small flows, so it’s ideal for applications in the food industry such as measuring flavourings, liquors and water, or in pharmaceuticals monitoring chemically aggressive media. It measures flows from 0.001-10 L/min with an accuracy of ±2%, and has a pressure range from -1 to +10bar.


GTL temperature probes are available in more than 22 basic versions to meet the needs of a diverse range of applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. They feature a compact design with several probe lengths and diameters, and sealing to IP67 or IP69K. Temperature range is from -40 to +200°C, and the design provides high accuracy, with calibration certificates available. A full range of transmitters and displays complements the probes.

An MLC level switch
An MLC level switch


Years of experience led to a new design of level switch, for which GHM has filed a patent. Conventional systems use an oscillating circuit with the medium as a capacitor. By contrast, the MLC level switch measures the charge carrying capacity of the medium. The conductivity of the medium does not influence the measuring value. The switches are suitable for measuring levels of media such as air, oil, chocolate, acetic acid, ice cream, ketchup, wine, glycol, cream, beer, fruit juice and many others.


The MFI electromagnetic flowmeter has no moving parts and causes very little pressure loss. It is suitable for flow measurement of any conductive liquid or paste, including alcohol, demineralised water, fruit juice, beer, wine, milk, cream and more. Typical applications include process monitoring, process control, continuous process dosing, filling of receptacles and batch processes. The same probe can be used for a wide range of tube diameters.

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