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REVO CL Single Phase Thyristor for Industrial Heating

21 September 2012

REVO CL is a fully digital single phase universal thyristor power controller based on a powerful dedicated microprocessor.

The thyristor is configurable via serial communication port for all inputs, firing modes, control modes and loads types. Suitable for driving resistive, inductive, transformer and complex loads that require current limit and power feedback, the REVO CL is available in versions ranging from 25 amps up to 700 amps per phase at voltages of up to 600Vac.
An internal key pad is used to configure the thyristor as well as to read power, current and voltage values. The optional CD-KP panel display allows the user to configure and read electrical parameters without the need to open the door of the electrical enclosure, thus minimising exposure to dangerous voltages. In addition the REVO CL thyristor can be conveniently set up via PC using the software configurator tool.
Input is universal with a choice of 4-20mA, 0-10V DC or 10K potentiometer signals with automatic zero/span calibration. Firing modes are selectable between burst firing, phase angle, phase angle with soft start and single cycle and can be switched on the run via the RS485 port. A delayed triggering feature allows burst firing to be used transformer coupled loads by minimising switch on inrush current.
CD Automation can advise on all aspects of selection, application, configuration and commissioning.

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