Safety device has the vision to protect

19 September 2012

The latest addition to the Rockwell Automation safety opto-electronic product family, the SC300 hand detection safety sensor, is a compact Type 3, SIL 2, IEC 62061, PLd EN ISO 13849-1 vision-based protective device (VBPD), which uses image-processing technology to detect the intrusion of objects through a detection window.

A single image sensing device performs the safety-sensing function, viewing a single two-dimensional image against a passive pattern as the background. The detection principle is based on an object of a certain resolution blocking the image-sensing device’s view of the pattern.

The GuardMaster SC300 is suited to use with frame openings ranging from 400 x 400mm up to 1,500 x 1500mm and can be used in place of 24- 30mm safety light curtains. Its small size and detection offset allows it to be mounted on the inside or outside corner of a frame opening.

The unit is used in conjunction with special reflective tape, which defines the boundaries of the sensing field. The reflective tape is offered in two resolutions 24mm for openings of 400mm to 1m and 30mm for openings of 600mm to 1.5m. No software is required to program or teach the device the style of the opening to be guarded; it automatically detects the reflective tape when the external teach stylus or integrated key switch is used to perform the teach function. The tape is designed for industrial applications however, if it is damaged, it can simply be removed and replaced and another teach operation performed on the unit.
For larger openings, two sensors can be mounted back to back and synchronised to allow for a maximum opening size of 3m. It is also possible to synchronise two SC300s at right angles to each other in order to provide detection on two sides of an opening; allowing an operator to freely work between opposite sides of a machine.

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