COPA-DATA introduces new Partner Program

04 September 2012

The COPA-DATA Partner Community is a global network of over 50 system integrators, machine builders, general contractors and education and research institutes that are pursuing the objective of achieving excellence in the world of automation together with COPA-DATA. It is now welcoming its first Qualified Partners.

A continual exchange of knowledge requires active and direct communication and a common set of guidelines. The new COPA-DATA Partner Community is designed to offer offers these conditions and so contributes to successflly positioning zenon automation software in the market and contributes to improving long-term customer relations.

In the global competition for increased efficiency and production output, partners who provide local contacts have an increasingly important role. With the Partner Community, COPA-DATA is hoping to increase the level of quality in the automation industry through closer cooperation and shared commitment with their partners as well as a focus on innovation and continuously expanding expertise.

Three levels of membership
The Partner Community offers three levels of membership - Registered Partner, Qualified Partner and Expert Partner. All new members start as a Registered Partner. As a partner develops expertise through training, and their know-how and market share increases, their business relationship with COPA-DATA matures too. In this way, the next level of membership, with more opportunities and advantages, becomes accessible.

Members of the COPA-DATA Partner Community can expect advantages, such as:
* Personal sales support
* Technical support
* Discounts on COPA-DATA training
* Support for customer-specific workshops
* Previews of new product versions
* Partner-specific webinars
* Joint marketing activities

Detailed information about the COPA-DATA Partner Community at is avaialble at

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