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Balluff’s explosion proof linear transducer has IECEx explosive atmospheres approval to IEC 60079 0/1/26/31

13 August 2012

Balluff’s Micropulse TA12 explosion-proof linear position transducer now has IECEx explosive atmospheres approval rating, in addition to existing ATEX approvals, expanding the acceptability for the Balluff TA12 transducer for worldwide use in applications where hazardous gases and/or dusts are present.

The Micropulse TA12 is a non-contact linear position sensor with a compact, explosion proof housing. It is specifically designed for continuous feedback on hydraulically and pneumatically actuated valves for oil and gas refining, storage, transport, and handling. The magnetostrictive sensor is designed for both extended duty and quick replacement – key attributes in the busy energy sector.
Non-contact, wear-free magnetostrictive technology ensures long life and MTBF for maximum production uptime. In the rare instance where the unit does require service, the TA12 incorporates its electronics and sensing hardware in a Rapid Replacement Module (RRM) that allows fast field repairs by the customer. With the RRM, there is no need to break the hydraulic seal. This eliminates fluid spillage and the need to bleed air from the hydraulic system after repair. The Balluff Rapid Replacement Module allows a user to get production up and running quickly in the unlikely event repair is ever necessary.
The Micropulse TA12 offers a wide array of control signal interface options, including analogue voltage and current, start/stop pulse digital, synchronous serial digital, digital quadrature, and digital field buses such as Profibus and CANbus.

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