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09 August 2012

of Curtiss-Wright Controls and a designer and manufacturer of position sensors,

solenoids, and joystick controllers – has introduced the JC8000, a new heavy-duty

electronic joystick controller that has been specially engineered with a number of

high-strength features to make it ideal for

working conditions such as skid steer loader controls

use hydraulic joysticks.

The increased strength of the new heavy-duty JC8000 joystick controller has been

achieved by increasing the body material around the area that supports the

operating lever; increasing the operating lever’s diameter; and changing the lever’s

pivot geometry. These fundamental changes have enabled the joystick to handle

increased torque and improve the lever’s bending and applied loads.

Designed for the most challenging applications, the JC8000 can withstand a 380Nm

overload on the X and Y axes and 2000N on the vertical. It has also been tested to

more than 60 million operations (15 million cycles) under laboratory conditions.

With an under-panel depth of 70mm, the JC8000 is more compact than equivalent

heavy duty joysticks and the choice of digital or analogue outputs, including dualredundant

12bit Hall effect, CANbus J1939 and digital PWM, provides OEMs with an

ideal opportunity to improve their vehicle control systems.

Commenting for Penny + Giles, vice president of Curtiss-Wright avionics and

industrial group Kevin Rayment says: “The JC8000 is designed to survive in

environments that are more physically demanding than the performance limitations

of competitors’ heavy-duty joystick controllers, and even our own JC1500 and

JC6000 controllers.”

Other key features of the JC8000 joystick controller include single or dual axis

control; IP69K sealing to the electronics; 5Vdc (regulated) or 8 to 54Vdc

(unregulated) supply; dual-channel analogue output on each axis with optional ramp

directions; a range of eight handle/grip options; and an operating temperature range

from -40°C to +70°C.

For further information on the JC8000 joystick controller call Penny + Giles on +44

(0)1495 202000, email

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