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Smart Power Controller offers total flexibility

09 August 2012

CD Automation, leaders in the power switching industry, announces the release of its new REVO Thyristor Power Controller range offering new levels of system integration, performance and space saving packages.

Designed for total user flexibility, the new REVO system is a series of building blocks that allows a simple solid state relay to be built into a sophisticated thyristor control system. Whether the load is constant or variable resistance, inductive or transformer coupled, single or three phase, the REVO product range can meet the most demanding of application requirements. Available in more than 35 current steps from 3.5A to 2600A, the fully digital range can offer universal input (DC Logic, Linear, 10K pot or RS485 comms) and firing types to suit including zero crossing, burst, single cycle, phase angle, delayed triggering etc. The comprehensive diagnostic and communications facilities available as options include heater break alarm and a local front panel keypad and display, where valuable process information such as voltage, power and current can be monitored.

Perfect for electrical panel builders & system integrators, the extended range of REVO auxiliary products, which include copper bars & combs, base plates & adapters and ready-made multi-loop cabinet panels, are designed specifically to cut down on unnecessary wiring; saving time and material costs. The new REVO system typically saves up to 50% on traditional labour and space requirements resulting in a significant reduction in build costs. Call now or visit our web-site and request our free REVO catalogue. Tel: +44 (0) 1323 811100


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