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Precise deposits of viscous fluids with Nordson EFD Piston Valve Systems

08 August 2012

The 725D Series valve systems consistently dispense a wide range of medium to thick

fluids, including greases and silicones. The piston design provides a slight snuff-back

at the end of the dispense cycle for positive fluid cutoff. These pneumatically operated

valves are ruggedly constructed and feature a unique UHMW* polymer diaphragm that

isolates the wetted components from the actuator. The UHMW* sealing head provides

long wear.

The 725DA-SS provides stroke adjustment for both fluid flow and snuff-back control. The

725D-SS version is nonadjustable and provides fixed stroke travel.

Main features are

Positive shutoff

• End-of-cycle snuff-back

• Diaphragm life exceeds 50 million cycles

• Cycle rate exceeds 400/minute

Excellent chemical resistance

• Low-maintenance design

The complete system includes the 725D Series valve, ValveMate™ 8000 controller, the fluid reservoir and dispense tip.

Expert technical assistance and high quality standards ensure productive, trouble-free performance.

EFD offers a full line of reliable dispensing systems to meet your specific application requirements


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