EtherNet/IP communications provides faster, more effective logic control

24 July 2012

Invensys Operations Management has added EtherNet/IP communications to its existing Eurotherm Mini8 multi-loop PID controller.

The Mini8 controller is suited to use alongside a PLC in multi-loop PID applications such as plastics extrusion and multi-zone furnaces. Making use of the the controller’s built-in loop control, the PLC is able to concentrate on providing faster, more effective logic control without the need to also run complex control algorithms.

The controller is part of the company’s open-communication InFusion Enterprise Control Systemand it roller supports serial, fieldbus and Ethernet protocols - and now including EtherNET/IP - making it easy to interface to intelligent masters such as a PLCs.

The Mini8 controller is said to be able to provide better performance and easier configuration, than is required to design and implement control loops in a PLC. It offers the same deterministic response and auto-tune feature as other Eurotherm panel-mount controllers and can be easily integrated into the wider plant network, including third-party systems.

Input accuracy is +/-0.1% or better, an improvement on analog control in most small or medium PLC’s.

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