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FELTEN adds green flavour to Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory Alliance partnership program

03 July 2012

Leading specialist MES supplier to global food, flavours and pharmaceutical industries FELTEN Group has been added to the pantheon of Mitsubishi e-F@ctory Alliance partners with two distinct innovations, one is a specialist MES integration and the other a green energy solution.

The company’s modular PILOT® MES suite has been designed specifically to increase production efficiency in complex and highly sensitive regulated production environments, while the FELTEN PILOT® [green] energy data management solution is now available as an add-on to Mitsubishi Electric’s comprehensive Energy Control Pack.

Mitsubishi Electric’s comprehensive Energy Control Pack represents a fresh and ingenious approach to energy saving in varied process, production and materials handling environments. It combines the specialist skills of several e-F@ctory partner companies with the stability and reliability of Mitsubishi developed factory automation hardware and network solutions.

Mitsubishi and its partners are able to offer incredibly varied and flexible systems that are both easy to install and extremely effective to use. Including specialist database storage solutions, data collection methods and a huge range of sensors and hardware in the Mitsubishi Energy Control Pack, data management solutions such as “PILOT® [green]” from the FELTEN Group can be used to create a comprehensive factory floor-to-office solution for emission control in production facilities.

PILOT® [green] provides, not just an integrated analysis of the energy consumption and the CO2 footprint but also data that is systematically optimised via an intelligent measurement management solution. It is a unique energy management system that has been designed to monitor all aspects of energy usage in a company and provide global dashboards, KPI reports and cumulative reports.

With built in filter functions, PILOT® [green] can produce comparisons and trend data with drill-down capability. To make energy/cost related decisions, optimised data compilations create effective reporting and analysis and energy managers can access archived data and history for appropriate energy evaluation.

Chris Hazlewood, Alliance Manager at Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Automation European Business Group comments: “We are pleased to have this talented company on-board. PILOT® [green] offers extensive support possibilities to create dashboard, trend, peak indicators and drill-down analysis for different levels of users, together with KPIs to help make energy consumption and management transparent. This evaluation on the enterprise level makes it a perfect add-on to Mitsubishi’s Energy Control Pack.”

Current company managing director and company founder, Werner Felten comments: “We respect Mitsubishi’s attitude to finding solutions that work for the customer, rather than creating rigid structures and protocols that do not – this is also fundamental to our market approach, and we believe, a major reason for the company’s ongoing success.

“PILOT® [green] is to date, the world’s first and only Production Intelligence System. Its application provides our customers in the process manufacturing sectors with the facility to increase production efficiency through understanding production processes and timing in great detail. In order to achieve this we require good data to understand the plant, plus a flexible and powerful factory automation and control layer to effect change. We believe Mitsubishi Electric provides just this with its iQ Platform and it is a positive, ‘open’ approach, to the market through the e-F@ctory alliance, which we are extremely pleased to become part of.”

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