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New boiler probe has integrated connector

15 May 2012

Towcester – UK – April 2012: Variohm EuroSensor has launched a new NTC boiler temperature probe with an integrated 2.5 mm industry standard connector for fast and convenient installation in boiler systems and industrial process control applications.

The competitively priced 10K3D1037 from Variohm's distribution partner Measurement Specialities Inc. is available in a variety of screw thread types with a brass housing and RTD element as standard, although other materials including platinum and nickel can be supplied.

With a temperature range of -40ºC to +125ºC and a nominal resistance of 10 kO at 25 ºC, the immersion probe has an accuracy tolerance of +/- 1% and a time response of less than 8 seconds in still water. The probe is available in a range of R/T curves and custom accuracy tolerances can be supplied.

Variohm EuroSensor provides complete pre-sale and post-sale application support for the Measurement Specialities range of pressure sensors and also designs, develops and sources a broad range of position, load, force, and other sensor technologies for demanding measurement applications throughout industry, agriculture, construction, autosports, and research.

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