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15 May 2012

Honeywell has launched Intuition Executive as the flagship product of its new Intuition software portfolio. It is said to offer enterprise-wide information management, decision support and collaboration tools to help achieve operational excellence.

Currently process industries often use a variety of applications and hundreds of spreadsheets to manage production operations, monitor processes and make operating decisions. These systems are usually either isolated or are connected via complex, custom-designed interfaces that often make it difficult to effectively employ the data and maintain data integrity.

With sophisticated data processing and analytics capabilities, Intuition Executive aims to solve this critical issue. The collaboration tools of the software are able to highlight and capture expert knowledge, share information and help users to make more agile decisions and act to drive intelligent operations. For the process industry this can result in increased efficiency and the ability to manage and respond to changing energy costs, complex regulatory changes, and real-world safety challenges.

“Data integration and visualisation is a must have for our customers today,” said Ian Brown, vice president & general manager, Advanced Solutions, Honeywell Process Solutions. “The ability to see, understand and act on the relationships within critical data is key to creating competitive advantage, and this can only be achieved when all applications and underlying data are amalgamated. Once you do this, you can identify and take advantage of opportunities earlier, mitigate potentially damaging plant events and make confident business decisions.”

Intuition Executive is developed on, and extends the functionality of, Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint 2010, SQL Server and StreamInsight to meet the requirements of industrial operations.

Monitoring and analysing data in motion leads to earlier event detection and faster decision making. Combined with Microsoft technologies, Intuition Executive is positioned to take advantage of computing power and complex event processing technology to analyse large data streams.

Intuition Executive is part of a growing family of Intuition solutions developed to solve key industry needs such as operations monitoring, alarm management, asset management, remote operation centres, and business process optimization. Powered by Matrikon, Intuition Executive is vendor neutral and will connect to any control system or underlying data source.

For further information, please visit www.honeywellprocess.com/digitalplant

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