Aston Martin improves painting performance

03 April 2012

Aston Martin has specified the use of four wall-mounted ABB IRB 5500 robots in its basecoat and clear coat painting booths.

With a large working envelope, the new robot is able to paint the complete car body, covering both the chassis and the bumpers attached at front and rear. Robert Low, account manager for ABB’s robotics business, said: “The IRB 5500 is ideal for this application. The robot has the longest reach in its class with excellent path accuracy and is combined with the ABB RB1000 electrostatic bell atomiser to achieve an even distribution of paint over the surface of the car, achieving consistent high finish quality and minimising the amount of paint required.”

ABB’s Integrated Process System (IPS), a closed loop process system, is said to ensure that both the robot motion and paint process control are precisely co-ordinated to provide optimum quality.

For the basecoat application, the robot is used in its cartridge bell system version, providing the necessary isolation of the high voltage that is directly applied to the waterborne paint droplets. The system ensures that each paint cartridge is filled with the required amount of paint, keeping waste to a minimum.

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