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Demystifying the Intuition Semantic model

25 March 2012

Data in today's enterprise lives in silos. An effective operations intelligence solution requires pieces of information from each of these systems, but how do we do it? A new Whitepaper, from Honeywell Control Systems seeks to demystify this.

The Intuition semantic model provides a 'virtual repository' where data from the isolated silos is stitched together on demand. Simply put, the data stays where it is – in its unique format – while Intuition performs the acrobatics required to federate data from the source systems. This fresh approach supports the proposed service and component structure of the Microsoft Upstream Reference Architecture (MURA), an IT architecture that serves as a common, reliable environment for the implementation and integration of the many technologies that make up the digital oil field. Ultimately, this architecture will help to dramatically improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness for upstream oil and gas analysis, operations, and business.

To download the whitepaper go to: http://www.controlengeurope.com/white-papers.aspx?ShopItemID=102

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