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Profinet for JVL integrated servo motors

03 April 2012

JVL is a leading company in the field of integrated servo- and stepper motors. It has set the goal of being the world leader in industrial Ethernet for integrated motors with the widest range of Industrial Ethernet communications for its range of Integrated Servo and Stepper motors.

In recent years, JVL has gained a high level of know-how and technological expertise and can now present a very smart way of using several Ethernet communications with only one expansion module.

JVL now presents the Profinet Industrial Ethernet protocol for the complete JVL range of integrated servo motors. The Profinet protocol was originally developed by Siemens for use with their PLCs, but can also be used by other suppliers that use the Profinet interface.

Last year JVL introduced EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP modules, and earlier this year Ethernet POWERLINK became available. And since SERCOS III and MODBUS TCP/IP are under development, all important Industrial Ethernet protocols will soon be available.

The Industrial Ethernet module from JVL fits into the complete range of integrated servo motors from 50 W to 3000 W, and is a versatile module which has the ability to be upgraded with other protocols or newer versions of the same protocol at any time. Because of the upgradeability, the JVL Industrial Ethernet module is also ‘future proof’ as newer versions of the protocols will always fit into the design.

The JVL Profinet module is equipped with 2 Ethernet connectors and a built-in switch, enabling line topology without any extra (expensive) hardware. The JVL Profinet module has several LEDs, enabling technicians and operators to get a quick status overview. There are also opto-isolated digital I/Os embedded in the module, enabling control of extra sensors etc without external I/O modules. This minimizes the number of devices on the net and also reduces cable costs.

All connectors are rugged M12 connectors suitable for the rough conditions in industrial environments. Furthermore, all registers in the JVL MAC motor are accessible via the Profinet connection, thereby enabling complete control of motor configuration and motion.
The JVL Profinet module is very easy to use and configure via a predefined setup, and is easy to alter using the JVL MacTalk application software.

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