Efficient network configuration solution

27 March 2012

Siemens Industry Automation and Drive Technologies has announced the expansion of its industrial Ethernet switch offering with a range of 19-inch rack devices.

The Scalance XR500 switches have been designed for configuring large automation networks and integrating them into a company's IT system.

As well as encompassing the application of network configuration, the switches also couple production and process industry systems. The modular design of the new switch incorporates interchangeable 4-port technology which allows for increased operational efficiency as well as a reduction in engineering time.

The new Scalance XR500 switches include functions for industry-specific communication and offer layer two and layer three functions, such as static and dynamic routing for communication with networks on an IT system. The devices provide redundancy functions, such as ring redundancy, RSTP (rapid spanning tree protocol) and MSTP (multiple spanning tree protocol), supplemented with standby functions and VLAN (virtual local area network).

An external 300 watt power supply unit supplies the switches with power, either installed above or below the switch or docked on the back directly. The availability of the switches increases when two redundant network devices are used. To activate layer three functions, an optional removable medium with key function (key plug) is used. This contains the activation license and allows configuration data to be saved.

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