New dry solids flowmeter

13 March 2012

Siemens Industry Automation Division has expanded its dry solids flowmeter product line with the new Sitrans WF100, Sitrans WF200, and Sitrans WF250 strain-gauge load cell based flowmeters.

The new flowmeters are said to provide effective measuring for compact installations and high capacity applications. Siemens has also rebranded its linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) based Milltronics flowmeters into the Sitrans WF300 series.

All of the Sitrans WF100 and Sitrans WF200 series flowmeters employ patented triple beam parallelogram style load cells that have proven their reliability and durability for over 25 years in Siemens heavy-duty belt scales.

The LVDT based Milltronics flowmeters have been respectively rebranded ad Sitrans WF330 standard-duty flowmeter, Sitrans WF340 compact flowmeter for constricted spaces, and Sitrans WF350 unique flowmeter for aerated materials. Sitrans WF300 series flowmeters have capacities of up to 300 t/h (330 STPH), and have CSA and FM approvals.

Sitrans WF300 series flowmeters use Sitrans WFS300 and 320 LVDT based sensing heads. The sensing element is mounted outside the process, which protects it from exposure to harsh environments. Frictionless pivots exclude the vertical force of the measured material, and a viscous fluid damper provides mechanical damping in the event of pulsating flows.
All of Siemens Sitrans WF solids flowmeters are suited to use for the monitoring of solid materials in cement, mineral, plastics, and food processing industries. The flowmeters are unaffected by vertical force changes caused by material buildup, performing in situations where other weighing devices have difficulties such as in fly-ash or flour applications.

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