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Data access is key to improving water network performance

13 March 2012

Siemens has produced a Whitepaper – Potable Water Network Monitoring – which examined the role of high resolution monitoring of water quality as a means of improving the performance of the potable water supply network. It advocates the implementation of Proactive Infrastructure Management as a strategic approach to cost effective, network-wide water quality monitoring.

Of the number of customer complaints received by water service providers, 95% are around discolouration, taste and/or odour of water. Currently, the regulatory oversight concentrates on regulators working with water service providers to encourage proactive steps to improving water quality and is based upon a collaborative feedback approach to continually improve network performance.

The Whitepaper recommends a cost-effective solution to the issue of monitoring water quality in distribution at high temporal and spatial resolution. This is the strategic approach of Proactive Infrastructure Management (PIM), designed for network-wide utilisation. Within the service, two technologies Hydraclam and Chloroclam – provide access to the level of water quality monitoring data required to successfully tackle the ongoing challenge of network quality improvements.

To download a copy of the entire whitepaper go to: http://www.controlengeurope.com/white-papers.aspx

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