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CD AUTOMATION- “Save money with the integrated temperature control & power solution

09 March 2012

"Save money with the integrated temperature control & power solution

CD Automation has released a single loop temperature control & power solution that dramatically reduces wiring costs and cabinet size. The REVO TC combines a temperature controller, solid state relay (thyristor), quick blow fuse protection and current monitoring, all in a compact single loop package. It is estimated that an immediate saving of 2 hours per loop can be achieved by the reduction in wiring time alone; resulting in significant cost reduction when multiple loops are required. Add to this the material cost, reduced cabinet size due to the smaller footprint, and it’s clear to see how real cost savings can be made. Available in 1, 2 & 3 phase units and numerous amps sizes up to 210A, the power unit comes with fuse protection and built in current transformer, allowing heater element diagnostics via the units front panel display. The special heat sink design provides optimum heat dissipation and allows space saving, side by side mounting. The universal input offers a choice of thermocouple, 3 wire PT100 and linear input signals to the PID temperature controller with up to 4 configurable outputs. These can be used for heat & cool control, alarms and recorder output. Traditional screw terminals or optional RJ45 connectors aid quick & easy installation."

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