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Mobile maintenance solutions

21 February 2012

Stand: E7 - EXTEND7000 from SCHAD is a powerful family of maintenance engineering solutions designed for use with mobile devices. It enables organisations using automation equipment to significantly cut unscheduled downtime and its associated costs.

EXTEND7000 solutions are not simply mobile applications. Behind the Mobile Client, each application utilises the EXTEND7000 server platform, which comprises a set of system components run as services and inter-communicating over http. Each service component performs a specific role in the solution supported by a set of utilities for configuration, monitoring and maintenance.

A highly scalable solution, EXTEND7000 can be deployed at a single site or, for large organisations, distributed across multiple sites when it is capable of monitoring many 100,000's of tags and supporting many 100's of remote users whether connected on a local Wi-Fi or Mobile Data Network.

Component based allowing for flexible distribution

EXTEND7000 System Manager
Defines the Projects, Users, User Groups, and escalation rules for the system. EXTEND7000's distributed architecture allows multiple Projects (Sites) on different servers to be serviced by the same users.

EXTEND7000 Service Manager
An administration tool for managing services that are running on distributed EXTEND7000 Server platforms. EXTEND7000 is a high reliability solution and includes features to automatically restart services in the unlikely event of a system error.

EXTEND7000 Project Manager
The Project Manager serves a dual purpose dependent on authorisations assigned to the user:
A tool for administrating and maintaining the Project Database, which contains the Hardware organisation, Tag and Notification details, hierarchy, links and notification User Groups.

Provides supervisory access to Open and Archived notifications lists. Includes filtering and ordering capabilities for monitoring progress and reviewing failure history. By browsing Plant hierarchy, the supervisor also has access to monitoring and controlling features available to Mobile users.

EXTEND7000 Maintenance Server
Provides the interface between the host Plant Maintenance System and the Mobile Client for Maintenance. Mobile users can process Work Orders, create Work Orders or view Asset history. Maintenance transactions are performed in real-time ensuring the host system is kept up-to-date and spare parts stock is always accurate.

EXTEND7000 Device Server
The Device Server manages the connection to the Mobile devices.

EXTEND7000 Mobile Client
A suitable Mobile Client must be loaded to the Mobile device before it can be used with EXTEND7000.

EXTEND7000 Notification Server
Monitors the tags for notification conditions and sends notification and escalation messages to the Mobile terminal users. Responsible for managing resolution workflow which provides the Mobile user with functionality to Accept, Revoke, Resolve or Delegate alert notifications.

EXTEND7000 Trend Server
Responsible for periodically recording data values for parameters that have trending specified in the Project. Trend recording may be triggered by a notification.

EXTEND7000 Migrator
A utility to assist in the creation of the EXTEND7000 Project Database. An EXTEND7000 solution may deploy 100,000's of tags and it is impractical to create the EXTEND7000 Database manually. The Migrator imports data extracts from multiple sources, typically SCADA or PLC systems, and merges this data into a single database.

EXTEND7000 Communications Server
The communications server provides the gateway to the project data sources.

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