Visual management – increasing profitability through insight

21 February 2012

Visual management is the process of displaying critical information so that anyone entering a workplace, even those unfamiliar with the detail of the processes, can very rapidly see what is going on, understand it.

A whitepaper from Red Lion explains the benefits offered. Essentially, it means that the current status of the operation can be assessed, at a glance. On the factory floor, visual management can take shape in the form of key performance indicators that relate to production quantity, speed and quality, as well as machine uptime and downtime.

Values such as Count, Good Count and Bad Count, Shift Totals, Reject Ratio and Rate communicate a process’ or an operator’s performance. In keeping with visual management’s requirement that the information can be seen at a glance, the information is shown on large displays that can be seen from a distance and by more personnel than just the machine operator.

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