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Belden introduces two new Hirschmann™ multiple-port firewalls

14 February 2012

Belden has introduced Hirschmann™ EAGLE20-0400 and EAGLE30-0402 firewalls which deliver significant cost savings whilst achieving greater link speeds.

Belden has added two new firewalls to its Hirschmann™ EAGLE20 range with extended number of ports enabling users to deploy a single device, instead of having to use multiple EAGLE20s.

The Hirschmann™ EAGLE20-0400 and Hirschmann™ EAGLE30-0402 represent a significant technological innovation as they are the first firewalls on the market in a convection-cooled DIN Rail housing which supports six LAN ports - two of which are Gigabit - with such a range of WAN connectivity.

According to Mark Cooksley Product Manager for Security and Network Management Industrial Network administrators know that providing robust network security is a critical step towards highest network availability: “To help achieve maximum availability, these two new Hirschmann™ EAGLE firewalls offer unprecedented flexibility of deployment, as well as state of the art security functionality. This enables operators to benefit from a protection regime which fits precisely to their individual requirements.”

Because Belden has focused on the needs of industrial networks, the new EAGLE20-0400 and EAGLE30-040 bring a number of key benefits over current options by offering multiple ports, Gigabit ports, WAN connections, content inspection, certifications for PT&D and Oil & Gas markets. They have a greater temperature range, have more flexible deployment possibilities, and offer wider voltage ranges.

Mr. Cooksley: “The primary advantage over other products is the increased number of ports. This means that a single device, rather than multiple EAGLE20s, can be deployed in some scenarios, resulting in space and cost savings. Where customers require link speeds greater than 100Mb/s, the EAGLE30-0402 is able to satisfy this requirement, allowing it to better fit the specific application.”

The Hirschmann™ EAGLE20-0400 firewall supports 4 100Mb/s ports, while the Hirschmann™ EAGLE30-0402 firewall supports 4 100Mb/s ports and 2 1Gb/s ports. The Gigabit ports are SFP ports. Initially, the hardware release will support Ethernet ports only. A later hardware release will also support WAN connections, including ADSL, SHDSL, VDSL, E1/T1 and UMTS.

The LAN and WAN boards have been designed in-house to support industrial specifications. This enables the product to support non-standard voltages such as 72VDC. The devices are delivered “modular from the factory”, so they can be delivered with the required combination of LAN and WAN ports.

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