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24 January 2012

Mitsubishi Electric has expanded its MELSEC L-Series range of positioning modules with the new Simple Motion Module, enabling advanced motion control functions such as positioning, speed control, torque control, cam control, synchronous control and mark detection to be realised easily with just simple parameter settings and a sequence program accredited to IEC 6M3N-3 standard.

For positioning control the Simple Motion module supports linear interpolation of up to four axes, circular interpolation of two axes, fixed feed control and continuous orbit control. Users need only set the positioning addresses and speeds from within a sequence program. Powerful auxiliary functions such as M codes, step operation, skip and target position change are all available. Speed and torque control features make the module suitable for tasks such as tension control in winding applications. Synchronous control and cam control are both included and can be combined, while a built-in mark detection signal interface allows the incorporation into the likes of packaging systems without the need for additional modules.

A further benefit for designers looking to implement sophisticated motion control applications is the compatibility of the Simple Motion Module with a library of standardised Function Blocks built on PLCopen motion control specifications. The library includes a comprehensive set of single-axis and multi-axis functions, providing users with a standard command set that optimises the set up of even complex motion tasks, thus lowering development, maintenance and support costs.

A benefit of using the module is the simplified system set-up which is achieved by using parameter settings instead of motion programming. Positioning control is executed using a data table method, with the positioning data simply set by using functions such as automatic command speed calculation, offline simulation, automatic calculation of auxiliary arc and others. A ‘data setting assistant’ function is also available to aid users to be as efficient as possible. Similarly, synchronous control is also implemented just with parameter settings, while cams can be set with a high degree of freedom without any need to worry about electronic cam control concepts.

The set-up of servo systems is also simplified: tight integration with Mitsubishi Electric’s MR Configurator2 software makes it quick and easy to set and adjust servo parameters.

The Simple Motion Module is an addition to the L-Series range of positioning modules, which  also includes a range of other dedicated modules including communication modules, network modules, digital I/O modules and analogue I/O modules.

All CPU’s include 24 I/O as standard and are capable of many of the functions normally reserved for separate modules, eliminating the costs of additional dedicated modules.

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