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British designed & built OEM Thermal Gas Mass Flowmeter

03 January 2012

The new CMF flowmeter has ranges from 0-10 cm3/min to 0-100 litre/min and first deliveries have an overall specification of +/-3% Full Scale, including temperature coefficients for ambient and gas temperatures from 15 to 60degC.

Chell's new CMF Thermal Mass Flowmeter for OEM's

Thermal gas mass flowmeters provide far more robust flow data than any displacement or hot-wire based flow transducers due to their greater and intrinsic thermal stability. Volumetric flow as indicated by a rotameter variable area type flowmeter will have far greater errors.

Modest pricing creates a viable alternative to variable area flowmeters and, for the first time, provide their users with flow data at least 5 times more accurate and with an electrical output for control or data logging.

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