Wireless and battery free pushbutton

03 January 2012

Schneider Electric has recently developed a wireless and batteryless pushbutton, the wireless XB5R, which is designed to increase energy efficiency in industrial applications, reduce maintenance costs and give greater flexibility in mobility to both operator and equipment.

The new pushbutton forms part of the company’s Harmony range, which enables remote control of a receiver by means of a transmitter. Controlled by radio transmission, the button is fitted with a dynamo generator, designed to convert the mechanical energy produced when the button is pushed to electrical energy, which sends a ZigBee radio message to the receiver.

A unique radio-encoded message is then sent by a single pulse to one or more receivers that can be located at a distance of up to 1,000m. The technology is said to reduce installation time and costs by eliminating wiring and the associated equipment required between the push button and electrical enclosure.

It allows an operator to be mobile or to have a control mounted on board a vehicle, meaning it is always available and requires no maintenance due to its lack of battery. The wireless technology means installers no longer need to pass a cable through the machine structure or cable tray to connect the pushbutton to the electrical panel. Furthermore, the installation costs of the wireless pushbuttons are reduced by a minimum of 20%, when compared to traditional wired solutions.

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