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Unitronics New Snap-In I/O Brings More Diversity to Vision™ Series Integrated PLC+HMIs

08 December 2011

Globally known for their uniquely designed Programmable Logic Controllers with integrated HMIs, Unitronics proudly introduces the latest member of their Snap-in I/O Module series: the V200-18-E46B. This new module brings more flexibility to the Vision™ series controllers by supporting even more I/O, all in one low cost unit.

Unitronics’ unique PLC + HMI package exempts machine manufacturers from setting up Panel-PLC communication- saving programming time, cabinet space and money. This single Ladder Logic programming environment is part of the Unitronics "all-in-one package", and is available at no additional cost.  A USB programming port, recipe capabilities, Micro SD card memory storage for data logging and back up, complete PLC cloning and more. Communication options include Ethernet, cellular, and industrial protocols such as MODBUS, DF1 slave, J1939, and CANopen, UniCan.

Connecting directly to the back of a Unitronics Vision 200, Vision 500, Vision1040 or Vision1210 series PLC+HMI, the new V200-18-E46B Snap-in module now supports a total combination of 46 analogue and digital inputs and outputs. Specifically, the key feature that differentiates this Snap-I/O from other Unitronics Snap-I/Os is the fact that it can support 9 analogue inputs. In total, it includes: 18 Digital inputs (including 2 shaft encoder inputs), 9 analogue inputs, 15 relay outputs, and 2 high-speed digital outputs.

The Unitronics Snap-in I/Os are a convenient, affordable way to "snap" your choice of a variety of I/O combinations directly to the back of most "Vision" series PLC + HMI controllers. Most "Vision" series controllers enable the user to pick and choose from an assortment of Snap-in I/O combinations to fit their specific application needs. A whole system’s requirements can be fulfilled with just one "Snap"! With additional expansion modules, mounted locally or remotely up to 1000m from the controller, Unitronics Snap-I/O configurations can be expandable up to 1024 I/O. Solitary Snap-in I/Os (without expansion units) typically range from 30 to 62 I/O. Basic Snap I/O options can include: digital and analogue inputs and outputs, high-speed I/O, PT100/Thermocouple capabilities, and weight measurement.

Additional features of the "Enhanced Vision" series controllers (V1210, V1040, V570, V350, V560, and V130) include:

Now able to provide even more flexibility when configuring a system’s precise requirements, the new Snap-in module offers particular appeal wherever budget is a primary factor.

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