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08 December 2011

The Circle Seal range of relief valves which are available from Tamo Limited are available with cracking pressures between 15 mBar and 724 Bar, they offer zero leakage capability with positive reseal at a high percentage of the cracking pressure.

There are four ranges of valves to cover the cracking pressure range with some versions being in-line and others discharge to atmosphere. Sizes are generally 1/8" to ½" with some versions available up to 1 ¼".

Body materials include brass, 316 stainless steel and aluminium with a wide range of soft seats plus Teflon to suit most media and temperature requirements. Temperatures between – 196 deg C and +204 deg C can be handled.

These relief valves are widely used in applications including cryogenics, petro/chem, subsea and Formula 1 cars.

Tamo hold stocks in the UK and small quantities of the popular sizes and materials can usually be supplied in a few days.

For further details see our website

www.tamo.co.uk or contact us on 01895 200015 or sales@tamo.co.uk with your application.

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