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New piezoelectric sensor catalogue is released by Dytran

30 November 2011

In recent years, the range of piezoelectric sensors from Dytran Instruments has increased dramatically and all of these products are now covered in their latest catalogue just released.

Their web site www.dytran.com has until now been the main source of information on these new products, but the new publication draws together their entire current product offering in one 170 page catalogue, which can therefore be used for reference from your bookshelf.

Within the catalogue can be found detailed information on piezoelectric and DC MEMS devices for the dynamic measurement of acceleration, force, pressure vibration shock and acoustics. These sensors and associated instrumentation will find use in the testing fields of aerospace, defence, automotive, laboratory and many other industries.

Engineers will find of particular use the appendix which is a glossary of terms used in the piezoelectric world and a page of useful formulae and conversion factors.

We would be pleased to deliver one to anyone who needs one, hopefully combined with a visit so that we can discuss some of the new products now included. Contact our Sales Office on 01527 854103 to arrange for your copy.
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