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Switchtec’s compact latching relays save energy compared to standard types

30 November 2011

Aimed a broad spectrum of users, Switchtec’s SCLR2 latching relay requires only a short voltage pulse to change its state. While normal relays require a constant voltage to be applied in the energised state, the SCLR2 simply holds its present state until pulsed again. As a consequence, the latching relay saves energy when compared to normal relays. This is especially true in applications where many relays are deployed, when the savings - in terms of both cost and environmental impact - can be considerable.

One of distributor Switchtec’s own ‘SCL’ range of products, the 16A rated SCLR2 relay is available in two-pole changeover format, noting that not all latching relays have change over contacts, with some models being limited to just one normally open contact.

The relay is fitted with a contact position indicator, enabling the installer to clearly identify the current status of the relay’s contacts. Ideal for panel use, the DIN rail mountable relay is a modular 17.5mm wide. Relays are available in 12 and 24VDC, and in 24, 110 and 230VAC.

Exhibiting versatility, the SCL SCLR2 latching relays are fitted with a manual override pushbutton, allowing the user to change or override the current position of the contacts without the need for power to be applied, making it ideal for sequencing applications or when there is a loss of power. The relays conform to IEC/EN 60669 and are CE Approved.

With its compact design, the SCLR2 relay will find favour with OEMs, panel builders, equipment manufacturers, panel builders, control panel manufacturers and those in the field of energy management. Suitable applications include pump control, lighting control, duty cycling, energy saving/management, and control panels.

SCLR2 latching relays offer a performance and specification level beyond conventional relays whilst also needing less space. The relays are competitively priced, easy to install and available ex-stock from Switchtec who is able to turn around most orders within 24hrs.

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