Steam flowmeter supports energy-saving

28 November 2011

The TVA steam flowmeter is a spring-loaded inline variable area meter from Spirax Sarco. With a 50:1 turndown, the flowmeter promises accurate measurements down to 1/50th of its maximum flow rate, ensuring all steam energy consumption can be accounted for.

Other meter types offer turndowns of typically less than 20:1 when used on steam systems. Low turndown meters decay in accuracy at low flow rates, or stop measuring altogether, allowing steam to be consumed without being measured. This is particularly important in steam systems where flows tend to be much slower than in other fluid systems.

TVA is also compact, needing minimal space requirements. Only six pipe diameters of straight pipe upstream and three downstream are required for a smooth steam flow into the meter.
The meter is available with a choice of 4-20 mA and pulse outputs for integration with energy management or control systems. It comes in DN50, DN80 and DN100 sizes and is suitable for use in steam systems up to 32 Bar g.

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