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New Power controller aids selection for inductive & transformer loads

29 November 2011

With high in-rush current on start-up typical of inductive & transformer loads, close examination of the application needs to be made to ensure fuse or thyristor failure does not occur.

The new REVO-CL from CD Automation is designed to aid customers in selecting the right thyristor power controller for their application by including all the drive capability and techniques behind an easy to use front panel keypad & display.

Typically, two firing techniques can be considered: phase angle firing with soft start and current limit or burst firing with delayed triggering. The REVO-CL allows users to select either type, via the units front keypad or via RS485 communications. Both are standard features, removing any risk of specifying the wrong firing technique at time of order.

Further flexibility gives the user a choice of inputs from DC Linear 0-10V or 4-20mA, DC Logic 4-30V, 10K potentiometer or RS485, firing modes and control feedback of V2, V, VxI and I. All can be accessed and selected using the standard RS485 port, front keypad and display or via the front fascia configuration port and dedicated PC software.

Typical load types for the single phase REVO-CL thyristor power controller include normal resistance, infrared long, short and medium waveform, silicon carbide and cold resistance.

The small footprint reduces the base plate mounting area by up to 50 per cent and in-built safety with internal high-speed fuses is also included.

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