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14 November 2011

(Sponsored content) AFCON will present the new version of Pulse SCADA/HMI - Pulse 1.50 with its Event Manager, Situation Control and Interrogation module at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES event.

In addition, AFCON will reveal AFCON VectorIT, its new data security solution - Unidirectional Protection for Sensitive Networks.

Pulse is a SCADA/HMI software that offers optimal solution for controlling and monitoring industrial control systems, building management and security systems into a single integrated system. The software is successfully marketed worldwide.

Pulse provides systems integrators and end-users reliable and up-to-date supervisory and control system with minimal investment. It saves engineering time with remote and concurrent engineering, it is ready for future operating systems - with .Net Framework using the WCF and WF infrastructures, and offers Windows 7 Look-and-Feel with brilliant graphics. For end-users Pulse offers Reliable and Secured system, running as a Windows service and comes with integrated security policies. The system provides remote access using ClickOnce or disk-on-key.

Pulse can be seen at HALL 7A, STAND NO. 7A-146


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