First working prototype of FDI

14 November 2011

A Field Device Integration (FDI) host system prototype and the use of FDI device packages for Foundation Fieldbus, HART, and PROFIBUS device integration was presented at the NAMUR AGM, based on a multi-vendor system.

FDI device packages were demonstrated integrating Foundation Fieldbus, HART, and PROFIBUS field devices from various manufacturers within an ABB process control system. Typical applications, such as parameter assignment, configuration, diagnostics, and maintenance will be demonstrated.

The prototype system makes use of prototypes of FDI standard host components developed by the FDI Cooperation. The purpose of the prototype is to verify the FDI concepts, apply the standard host components in a system context and demonstrate FDI functionality.
The next steps will be the publication of the first draft of the FDI specifications (expected by the end of 2011); completion of conformance test concepts (expected mid 2012); completion of the validation and release of the FDI specifications for member review within the foundations (expected mid 2012); and completion of the FDI standard host components, such as EDD Engine and User Interface (UI) Engine by the FDI Cooperation (expected by the end of 2012).

FDI provides users and manufacturers of field devices with a uniform and easy-to-use solution for device integration into systems, asset management and device configuration.

If the system proves successful, it will enable end users and device manufacturers to reduce lifecycle costs in the long term, making handling easier and minimizing the technical risks.

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