Complex image sensing made simple

01 November 2011

Banner has recently added to its existing iVu range of machine vision sensors with the introduction of the iVu Plus TG and iVu Plus BCR (Bar Code Reader). CEE was invited to a demonstration to show how simple these sensors are to programme and use.

The Editor can confirm that even she was able to quickly and easily programme the sensor with minimal training, so we are able to confirm their user-friendly credentials!

Basically, the iVu series consists of a range of image-based pass/fail inspection sensors, with the iVu Plus BCR adding bar code reading capabilities to the range, and the iVu Plus TG adding Ethernet connectivity which allows data from the sensors to be shared with PLCs, PCs and other factory devices, making communications and control easier. It also supports the ability to obtain results and command rapid product changeovers over TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP or Modbus/TCP protocols. It is expected that a PROFINET version will also be available soon to meet European industry demands. Up to 30 inspections can be stored in memory, with the active inspection being selected via the touch-screen GUI or through the command channel

In common with the original iVu range, the iVu Plus family is still easy to use, being available with either a 68mm touch-screen display on the sensor itself, or a remote 90mm display which can be shared between multiple sensors. Menu-driven tools are available in nine languages. Other new features of the iVu Plus range include a new ‘Sort’ algorithm in addition to the three algorithms available on the original range – match, area and blemish.

The Area algorithm ensures that a feature, or features, are present on a part. The Blemish algorithm identifies flaws on a part, such as scratches on a disc. The Match algorithm verifies that a pattern, shape or part in any orientation matches a reference pattern, while the new Sort algorithm can recognise and sort different patterns such as nuts, bolts, and washers. The sort function allows users to train the sensor to compare acquired images with up to 10 reference patterns.

The iVu Plus BCR is able to validate data within DataMatrix and most of the commonly used linear barcodes. Supported by Ethernet connectivity, the iVu Plus BCR sensor also has the ability to remotely update the data used for validation from anywhere on the Ethernet network.

Each model is housed in a rugged IP67 rated sensor housing. The camera acquires up to 100 frames per second, and the integrated ring lights are available in red, green, blue, white, and infrared to suit a variety of different application requirements. A USB 2.0 connection facilitates saving and loading configuration data, and a free downloadable emulator allows users to perform offline editing.

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