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Wasco Precision Miniature Pressure & Vacuum Switches

06 October 2011

The Tamo Ltd Wasco range of miniature pressure, vacuum and differential switches offer reliable, precision switches for a wide range of applications.

Switch points range from 0.03 to 413 bar for the pressure switches and 13mm Hg to 750mm Hg for the vacuum switches.

Differential switches are available in both pressure and vacuum ranges.

Switch options include 1amp gold contact, 5 & 7 amp silver contact micro switches. There are also models fitted with Hall Effect solid state switches.

The standard switches are fitted with a single contact but dual contact models are available in some ranges.

A wide range of pressure connect ions and electrical interfaces are offered.

Various wetted parts are available including all stainless steel versions.

Applications include:

Hydraulic systems on mobile vehicles

Monitoring of gas bottle pressures, set points as low as 0.03 bar with a proof pressure of 275 bar are possible. Fire protection gas bottle monitoring is a typical use for the Wasco pressure switches.

Semiconductor applications, super & ultra high purity models with wetted surfaces finished to 10Ra or better are available.

Control panels especially where space is at a premium.

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