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easyGIO Tools for NI LabVIEW Aim to Deliver Improvements for LabVIEW Application Development

05 October 2011

easyGIO is a new “Compatible with LabVIEW” toolkit comprised of a comprehensive collection of intuitive and easy-to-use functions, controls, dialogue windows, templates, hardware drivers, application enhancements, and code development tools that have been designed for novice as well as experienced developers to reduce the time and effort required to create better-looking and more effective LabVIEW applications.

easyGIO provides additional LabVIEW palettes that include Standard and Intermediate functions and controls, advanced toolkits such as Alarm Management, Calibration Management, User Management, and Event Logging, and a set of Application Development Tools to use from within the LabVIEW development environment.

The Alarm Management toolkit is a set of VIs for configuration and editing of analogue and digital alarm channels, logging alarm events, viewing alarm channels and events, and checking of analogue and digital warnings and alarms. The Calibration Management toolkit is a set of VIs for configuration and editing of calibrated hardware items, viewing calibration status, and for checking whether calibration is approaching expiry or has expired. The Event Logging toolkit is a set of VIs for configuration, generation, and viewing of general-purpose application event log files. The User Management toolkit is a set of VIs for multi-level user management using the Windows registry to store user data, including level names, user names, and encrypted passwords. The Application Development Tools provide options for project and help file creation and for editing single or multiple VIs including front panel origin, size, colour, and control strings, showing hidden controls, and changing VI descriptions, icons, help options, titles, and filenames.

All VIs and tools are easily accessed from the familiar top-level LabVIEW Function and Control palettes and the Tools menu, and are supplied with comprehensive help and examples. There is also a unique Access Panel for easy function browsing. Intermediate Functions and Advanced Toolkits require a licence (stored in a USB hardware key) in order to enable their functionality in the LabVIEW development environment - licensing and the key is not required when VIs are called from a run-time system. Standard Functions do not require a licence and may be used at no cost. All VIs apart from examples, dialogue windows, and templates are supplied with password-protected block diagrams.

Key benefits of using easyGIO Tools for NI LabVIEW include the integration of sophisticated and specialised functionality within your applications, reduced development time, reduced block diagram complexity and size, rapid project and VI creation, one-step functional global variable creation, easy help file documentation, and simple VI editing using the easyGIO Tools menu.

easyGIO is developed and supported by Auric Solutions Ltd, a National Instruments Certified Alliance Partner based in the UK. Visit

www.easyGIO.com to download the software, and to obtain specifications, datasheets, and prices for all easyGIO toolkit components. Send email enquiries to info@easyGIO.com.

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