Nuclear reactor installs audio-visual simulation

04 October 2011

British Energy has recently commissioned Carillion Communications to create a bespoke audio-visual simulation facility at its Sizewell B plant in Suffolk.

Sizewell B power-station has the UK’s only large pressurised water reactor (PWR) and is capable of supplying around two million households. The station supplies 3% of the UK’s entire electricity needs and employs over 500 staff.

The audio-visual installation extends over several working environments, a control room and one large plant area. The requirement was to create a simulated working environment with the ability to re-create real-life operations and possible problems under the scrutiny of the Sizewell training team.

The brief included the capability for two-way communication within the training environment and the ability to record and playback the results of the training to the staff, providing a powerful input into debriefings and enabling the trainers to identify precise areas where improvements in working practice could be made.

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