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Extended Travel Stands Improve Elasticity Testing

22 September 2011

Mecmesin, a British company specialising in force and torque measurement, has just launched new longer-length test stands for improved determination of break strength and elongation when testing rubber and film samples.

The extended stands are constructed using a rigid aluminium base-casting and precision ballscrew, making them ideal for elongation testing up to 1200mm of highly elastic material such as rubber and film. To accommodate the extra length and to comply with the EU Topple Test, these long stands are fitted with stability bases made of steel.

The new 1kN and 0.5kN models are available with software and electronics from Mecmesin’s established range of MultiTest-d, MultiTest-xt and MultiTest-i tension and compression test frames.

The extended stands are now in full production with the first machine being supplied to a large manufacturer in Australia to enable improved testing of female hygiene products.

Mecmesin provides bespoke solutions and has a special applications department with a large ratio of engineers. Its force and torque testing equipment is used in Quality Control laboratories and production areas across a wide range of industries from automotive engineering to packaging to medical devices and textiles.

Thousands of companies worldwide use Mecmesin measurement systems to maintain consistency of manufacture to comply with relevant standards and to save money by minimising rejects in the production process.

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E-mail: info@mecmesin.com


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