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TRaC and MET to offer harmonised international EX testing programme

13 September 2011

Two bodies in the field of certification of products for use in explosive atmospheres are to deliver a harmonised certification service offering covering European, North American and International markets.

UK-based TRaC(www.tracglobal.com), and MET Laboratories(www.metlabs.com)
in North America, have signed a bilateral Memorandum of Understanding that forms a testing and certification partnership for EX equipment. The partnership builds on both companies’ expertise and complementary strengths, to create a new global EX testing, inspection and certification service for ATEX and Hazloc (hazardous location) equipment. Manufacturers will benefit from local, in-country testing and inspection with the certainty of a managed fast track certification program from a single trusted source operating in the EU and North America.

Under the new partnership, TRaC and MET Laboratories will provide a combined certification route to EU, North American and International markets for equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres and hazardous locations; the two companies will harmonise test processes, engineering skill sets, and administration to ensure a consistent approach to securing all recognised approvals for potentially explosive atmosphere and hazardous locations. Additionally, TRaC and MET Laboratories will utilise their global network of offices in the EU, USA and Asia to provide local support for clients’ design and manufacturing facilities.

TRaC and MET Laboratories already have a long-standing relationship in the fields of testing and factory inspection: this new strategic partnership involves greater technical collaboration between the two organisations, to ensure harmonisation of best-practice procedures in testing, factory inspection and certification, in addition to developing efficient delivery of overseas certification services.

Regarded by both parties as a long-term partnership, the agreement will also see the adoption of a common set of operating, test and factory inspection procedures, in addition to bringing together the wealth of expertise of staff on both sides of the Atlantic. This unique and innovative offering will ensure that within each project all of the key aspects of the test and inspection are addressed in the most efficient and streamlined way.

Simon Barrowcliff, Director of EX services for TRaC, said “This is a hugely exciting development for both organisations. We have enjoyed a strong relationship for more than 15 years. This new technical relationship means we will not only continue to bring great service to our clients but also add a truly international perspective to certification of equipment for potentially explosive environments and hazardous locations.”

Rick Cooper, Director of Safety for MET Laboratories, said “I'm delighted that we're entering a new stage in our relationship with TRaC to provide this innovative testing, inspection and certification programme for manufacturers of hazardous location equipment. Our clients understand that this is a complex technical area and can see the huge benefits from this closer technical cooperation.”

About TRaC
TRaC is a leading test group with accreditations for all major markets worldwide. It has established itself with a reputation for unrivalled excellence in global approvals, testing and certification.

TRaC provides the assessment route to product manufacturers and designers to ensure they fulfil their legal obligations and demonstrate full compliance with the requirements of countries around the world. For more information, visit www.tracglobal.com

About MET Laboratories
MET Laboratories is accredited as a Nationally Recognized Laboratory by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Standards Council for Canada (SCC) and performs testing in four facilities across North America (Baltimore, MD; Union City, CA; Santa Clara, CA; and Austin, TX) and has locations in China, Korea, and Taiwan. www.metlabs.com

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