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Balluff’s new BVS vision based sensors provide advanced rotational search & output logic

08 September 2011

Balluff has introduced a new advanced BVS vision based sensor with increased functionality and advanced vision sensing capability at a lower price than traditional vision sensors.

In addition to the standard functions of the BVS-E, the BVS-E advanced vision sensor with 360o position tracking. This monitors the rotational position, detecting an object regardless of the location and position. All configured inspections are also compensated for the parts rotation, minimising the need to tightly fixture parts, while reducing setup costs. The new BVS’s added output logic functionality provides the ability to link any tool or combination of tools to any output. This allows the inspection to be customised to any production situation where simple inspection results are not enough.

Using an updated version of it’s free ConVis configuration and emulation software, the ConVis 1.2 version supports all sensors in the BVS line, and provides added functionality, including DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) for remotely assigning IP addresses and rotatable tool regions for greater tool flexibility and use.

In most production error proofing situations, vision sensors or vision systems can be costly with too many functions and just too complex. Because BVS can be configured and used like a smart sensor, it is much easier to setup and use than other complex vision solutions, yet providing far more functionality than any discrete sensor array.

BVS is the first vision-based sensor designed to be an extension of your present sensor-based error proofing system. It provides reliable part or feature presence/absence and inspection, position detection, plus dimension verification all in one product, replacing cumbersome multi-sensor solutions reliably. Its small size works better for convenient set up and operation with faster return on investment than other more expensive vision sensors or systems. The BVS is the first vision based sensor you’ll adopt and probably the last vision product you’ll ever need

To find out more information about Balluff vision sensors contact our sales office on 0161 282 4700, email:

sales@balluff.co.uk, web: www.balluff.co.uk/vision

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