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Making surge protection simple for IEC global markets

06 September 2011

The Cooper Bussmann Surge Protection Made Simple surge protective devices (SPD) for IEC electrical systems include new high performance characteristics designed to combat damaging electrical surges, overvoltages and transients.

These easy to specify and install SPDs only require the user to specify the system voltage, circuit configuration and decide whether remote contact signalling is required or not.

The new IEC SPDs all share commonality, designed to make choosing, installing and maintaining them far simpler than is conventionally the case. For example, modular DIN-rail design with colour-coding and a rejection feature makes them easy to identify, install and maintain. All models boast a high surge discharge capability resulting from heavy-duty zinc oxide varistor and spark-gap technology.

To make operational status monitoring as simple as possible, the local easyID™ visual indication and optional remote contact signalling make it easy to see that the SPD protection modules are functioning.

Vibration and shock resistant is according to EN 60068-2 standards, protection is IP20 finger-safe, and these IEC Class I and Class II SPDs cover all major markets around the world.

Surge protection is essential to protect the myriad of commercial and industrial electronic products that are susceptible to damage from overvoltage surges. Such voltage spikes or surges are typically caused by static discharge, lightning strike, tripped circuit breakers, short-circuits, lighting switching, AC motor starting/stopping, power outages, power transitions, storm-damaged powerlines and electromagnetic pulses.

The result can be cumulative equipment damage, possible premature failure, expensive system resets and downtime, plus essential data loss. It can even result, especially from lightning strike, in catastrophic equipment failure. Surge protection products from Cooper Bussmann help assure power quality free from damaging surges and overvoltage conditions.

The new SPD range is supported with a full suite of literature including product profile, product data and installation sheets. All Cooper Bussmann IEC SPDs come with a five-year product warranty. More information is available from www.cooperbussmann.com/surge.

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