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Rugged industrial pressure switches offer high accuracy & repeatability

01 September 2011

The Tamo Orion range of MD pressure switches have been designed for applications that require robust, long lasting switches, coupled with high accuracy and repeatability in adverse conditions. By using a range of diaphragm and piston type sensing elements switch points from 1.5 mbar to 400 bar can be achieved. Differential pressure and vacuum switches are also available in the range.

The enclosures are rated IP66 and the process connection can be either threaded or flanged. A set point scale is provided and the mounting holes are external for easier mounting. Wetted parts can be aluminium or 316 St St with Teflon for use with corrosive media.

The standard electrical switch is SPDT and rated at 15A 240VAC. Hermetically sealed versions for corrosive environments, gold plated contacts for low voltage applications, DPDT contacts, and adjustable deadband contacts are also offered as well as normally closed or normally open air contacts.

The MD range of pressure switches is used in a wide range of applications including:

Power generation, burners and furnaces, chemical industry, boilers and compressors, machine tools, railway braking systems, water treatment, tyre industry and natural gas, LPG storage and transportation.

For further details please contact Tamo Ltd on 01895 200015,

sales@tamo.co.uk or lokk on our website at www.tamo.co.uk

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