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Improved network redundancy with RSTP-2004 and MSTP

30 August 2011

An enhancement of the existing network redundancy protocols, Moxa has released the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)-2004 (IEEE 802.1D-2004) and Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) functions in the V3.0 firmware upgrade.

RSTP-2004 features the fastest recovery time (millisecond level) among all the standard network redundancy protocols. And MSTP allows different VLANs to forward data by
providing multiple redundant paths.

"MSTP allows you to divide your RSTP network into multiple VLANs. This is a practical function to increase the flexibility when managing your network traffic. RSTP-2004 largely reduces the network recovery time and provides higher availability to your network. By adding these new network redundancy protocols, Moxa now can provide complete network redundancy solutions to fulfill the demand for different applications," stated Gary Chang, Product Manger of industrial Ethernet infrastructure.

Moxa managed industrial Ethernet switches now provide Turbo Ring, Turbo Chain (Moxa proprietary protocols with 20 ms recovery time), STP, RSTP, RSTP-2004 and MSTP packaged with the latest V3.0 firmware which has been released on the Moxa website. The V3.0 firmware is available for both the EDS-405A/408A and EDS-505A/508A/510A/516A/518A series, and will be released soon for the EDS-608/611/616/619, EDS-728, IKS, PT, and TN series.

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