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Maidstone Hospital opts for reliable heating

13 July 2011

Maidstone Hospital is so impressed with Spirax Sarco’s EasiHeat™ steam-to-water plate heat exchanger packages, that it is now installing two further units to replace existing calorifiers in the main hospital building

Since 2000, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust has installed six EasiHeat units in various extensions around the original hospital in Maidstone, which was built in the 1980s. Until now, the main building has relied on conventional shell and tube calorifiers to provide space heating. However, these are being replaced by two 1,000 kW EasiHeat systems, which use a unique steam-to- water plate heat exchanger (PHE) as part of its design.

"These are key units that we’re replacing," says Mechanical Engineer Larry Davis. "Should they fail, we would have no heating in the biggest part of the hospital. But I’m confident the EasiHeats are up to the job because the ones we’ve already got have given us no cause for concern."

"For us, the main benefit is that they remove the necessity to strip down the calorifiers every two years for insurance inspections. We’re also hoping to save some energy because PHEs are highly efficient."

A typical EasiHeat PHE package is around 7% more efficient than the equivalent shell and tube unit, thanks to a combination of reduced heat losses, better controllability and improved heat transfer efficiency.

Spirax Sarco EasiHeat packages provide a low-maintenance, space-saving solution for instant heating and domestic hot water. Installation is quick because the complete package only needs to be hooked up to the site’s services and commissioned, saving the time and costs involved in building conventional heating systems on site. Furthermore, the whole package is factory tested and guaranteed to work as specified, eliminating the risk of compatibility problems between components.

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