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Unique temperature module added to CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor

12 July 2011

A new A6630 temperature module from Emerson has been added to the CSI 6500 that delivers critical bearing temperature measurements in addition to vibration monitoring.

Emerson Process Management announces the addition of a unique temperature module for the CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor. The new A6630 temperature module complements the vibration monitoring capabilities already available in the CSI 6500 and delivers critical bearing temperature measurements. The A6630 module accepts RTD and thermocouple signals directly, reducing the installation cost and complexity of temperature monitoring.

Whether striving for uptime, machinery protection, or safety, temperature is an important parameter when monitoring critical turbomachinery, compressors and steam turbine generators. For instance, after overspeed, thrust is the most important protection measurement. When only two thrust position sensors are implemented, monitoring thrust bearing temperature provides an additional level of confidence for identifying early thrust bearing wear and machine malfunctions, and results in fewer missed trips.

In journal bearings, temperature measurements complement the radial vibration monitoring to help confirm bearing rubs and lubricating oil issues, allowing for scheduling of repairs during normally planned outages.

“By simplifying hardware for monitoring bearing temperature, more users are able to take advantage of these critical measurements,” said Brian Humes, general manager for Emerson’s Machinery Health Management business. “The combination of vibration and temperature monitoring enables plant personnel to make informed decisions that can increase the safety and profitability of their facility.”

In keeping with the API 670 specification, the A6630 has six or fewer channels per module, 4-20mA outputs, and includes relay logic for voting and automatic machine trips. Additionally, the CSI 6630 is hot swappable and supports the Easy Integration feature for fast connection to the DeltaV™ and Ovation™ process automation systems.

For further information go to:http://www.emersonprocess.co.uk/excom/19/14/content/9398

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