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Aerotech's Soloist is a versatile single-axis motion controller

05 July 2011

Aerotech’s Soloist is a single-axis servo controller that combines a power supply, amplifier, and position controller in a single package.

The Soloist can control up to five tasks simultaneously, as well as handle variables and manage IO, making it well-suited for demanding production applications. It has high-speed position latch inputs and advanced data logging capabilities, making it ideal for laboratory and test instrument applications.

The advanced software architecture shortens customer development time, while including support for C#, VB.Net, and LabVIEW, combined with our full IDE and multitasking operating system. Host-mode operation allows you to send commands with your PC via Ethernet or USB for immediate execution, while Ethernet or USB also permits networked Soloists for multi-axis sequenced motion and IO passing.

The Soloist MP offers the same advanced software as the CP but in a smaller package designed for OEMs that can supply bus power from existing power supplies.

The Soloist HPe can be used for larger systems requiring up to 150 A peak current. The Soloist has two linear-drive form factors (HLe and CL) that are ideal for higher precision applications. The Soloist CL with linear power stage is available for low noise and ultra-high-performance applications. This controller is ideal for high bandwidth requirements and maintains superb linearity and zero crossover distortion. For example, applications that have many motion reversals and that require high position accuracy will benefit from using the Soloist CL. The Soloist HLe provides the same ultra-high linear amplifier performance as the CL, but also includes higher peak and continuous current output along with additional features and options.

The IDE software shares a common theme with other Aerotech software products providing the user with a clear, easy to use platform. This Windows®-based interface provides powerful diagnostic, development, and analysis tools for OEMs and end-users alike.

Allen-Bradley Interface
Combine proven PLC with proven motion control for easier integration, startup, and maintenance of medium- and high-end automation projects. The Aerotech EtherNet/IP™ interface enables AB PLCs (MicroLogix, CompactLogix, or ControlLogix) to be integrated directly with the Soloist. Motion can be directly programmed in the RSLogix 5000 environment or separate programs can be written on the controller and triggered from the AB PLC. Aerotech has two interfaces: ASCII and Register. Choose the PLC, motion controller, and interface that best fits your application needs.

Total Solution
Soloist controllers are fully tested and ready to run right out of the box. Aerotech can integrate the Soloist into a complete motion system, removing the burden of parameter setup and axis tuning.

Practical Power
Each series is capable of driving a wide range of motors including brushless, DC servo, and microsteppers. Brushless motors are sinusoidally commutated to minimize torque ripple.
Using a digital servo loop with feedforward, the Soloist tightly tracks velocity and position trajectories with virtually zero error. On-board autotuning and built-in calculators make servo tuning simple.

Variables, Math, and More
With variables and math capability, one program can be used to produce a variety of parts by simply prompting the user for new application data.
Application Versatility

The Soloist has other built-in features such as axis calibration and backlash compensation, so you can maximize your machine’s accuracy and precision. The “user units” feature makes it easy to customize the Soloist to your specific machine, allowing custom units for both linear and rotary applications.

The controller is equipped with dual encoder inputs so you can tackle master-slave applications or achieve higher accuracies with dual-loop control. Precise registration-based moves are also possible because of the fast 0.1 microsecond acknowledge time. The Soloist easily handles complex functions such as output-on-the-fly and velocity profiling.

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